Dresser Search and Consulting, Inc. specializes in full service full lifecycle recruiting and sourcing, as well as search services on an hourly contract or retained basis, either remotely or on-site, customized to your specific needs.  We are experienced in working closely with Hiring Authorities, HR partners, executives and staff members at all levels to offer customized recruiting solutions, in many cases, in high volume, fast-paced and highly dynamic organizations and environments.  In addition, we build and maintain relationships with valued strategic alliance partners in order to deliver the highest quality customized recruiting services and solutions.

As your strategic business partner, our focus is always on understanding and serving your specific needs and maintaining the highest quality standards, as we: 

  • Quickly research and assess the organization and the specific market(s) and niche of your business.
  • Consult with Hiring Authority as a strategic business partner to determine the needs for each position and department.
  • Conduct initial in-take interviews with the Hiring Authority, Human Resource partners, and the appropriate organizational team leaders and members. 
  • Develop and quickly implement an effective, comprehensive search/recruiting plan. 
  • Employ advanced Internet research, sourcing and passive candidate recruiting techniques, competitve intelligence and market research, social networking, employee referals, pipelining, and continual networking and relationship building strategies to consistently find and present top talent. 
  • Coordinate and participate in the interview process and facilitate debrief sessions.
  • Coach candidates and Hiring Authorities and associated stakeholders throughout the critical offer and negotiation stages to move all parties toward the desired “win-win” result. 
  • Engage candidates continuously with multiple touch-points through the final critical background and closing stages until they are safely on-board.

Detailed tracking, analysis, reporting and documentation is provided throughout the process to help you make timely and accurate hiring decisions and to ensure accurate recordkeeping and compliance.  

Recruiting Process Consulting:  Customized as requested for your company’s particular needs.  Also, offering training programs and workshops focused on the Recruitment and Selection and Recruiting Process functions of Human Resources.  Services include: 

  • Set-up and Implementation of Full Lifecycle Recruiting Process
  • Advanced Sourcing and Internet Research Training
  • Needs Assessment and Position Requirements Development
  • Job Descriptions and Specifications Development
  • Behavioral Interview Coaching/Training for Managers and Recruiters
  • Recruiting Process Consulting and Training
  • Recruiting Vendor Management
  • Competitive Intelligence and Market Research

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